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Meet The Team



Derek Liles

Derek Liles has lived and breathed debate for nearly 20 years. Born and raised in Dallas, he debated at Dallas Jesuit and UT San Antonio. After graduating, Derek returned to Dallas to coach and help administer Dallas Urban Debate programs. 

In his first 4 years working with the Dallas Urban Debate Alliance, Derek helped to double the number of Dallas ISD campuses & students participating. 

In 2016, Derek left our organization to become a teacher at one of its member campuses: Judge Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet. He also continued to work to advance the Dallas Urban Debate mission by hosting professional development opportunities for coaches, student workshop sessions, and tournaments for debate programs across Dallas ISD. 


In 2019, Derek returned to the Dallas Urban Debate as the new Executive Director, steering the organization through the complexities imposed by COVID-19. Though he stepped back to explore new career opportunities in 2021, he remains on board as a consultant.


Tournament Team
Victor Martinez

A DUDA alum, Victor enjoys giving back to the students and coaches of DISD. 

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