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Major Donors

Edward and Wilhelmina Ackerman Foundation

Carrington, Coleman, Sloman & Blumenthal, LLP

Dallas Women Lawyers Association

The Hersh Foundation/Ken Hersh and Regen Horchow

Mentormore Foundation

James D and Kay Moran Foundation

Parrish Charitable Foundation

Aphrodite and Sam Paulos Foundation

Rawicki Giving Fund

Ryan Law Partners

Skiermont Derby LLP

Sommerman, McCaffity, Quesada & Geisler, LLP

Texas Bar Foundation 

David and Caroline Ackerman

Craig and Dawn Budner

Nancy Carlson

Mike Conrad

Bill Fouché

Ashley Glover

Lacy and John Lawrence

Michael McMahan

Ce'Ce and Alex More

Joseph Overman

Jody Rodenberg

Andy Ryan

J.G. "Seán" Ryan, II

Wendy and Chris Salinas

Mazin Sbaiti

Paul Skiermont

Naima Starks

Cindi and Aaron Timmons

Abbie Blaker

Gilbert Glover

Bobbie Gregg

Kason Kimberley

Brian Lain

John Martin

Eric Pinker

Joseph Overman
Rosemary Schatzman

May and David Shan

Brewer Foundation

Mike and Barbara Lynn Philanthropic Fund

of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation 

Melanie and Eric Pinker Family Philanthropic Fund

of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation

Julie P. and Michael D. Weinberg Family Foundation

of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation 


We are grateful for donations made in honor of the following:

Dawn and Craig Budner

Andy Ryan

Michael McMahan

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