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Support the evolution of Dallas Urban Debate

We have hit a stride in our efforts to bring debate to students across Dallas ISD. Between 2012 and 2016, we doubled in size to serve 50 campuses and 900+ students yearly. At the beginning of the fall semester in 2022 we are now reaching over 70 schools across the District. This steady growth was made possible through the generosity of donors like you.


We want to do more than increase our participation numbers. Under new leadership, our organization's goal is to revolutionize the role debate plays in Dallas ISD's educational mission. We  are reimagining our programs by expanding the support we offer to participants. Through a series of thoughtful initiatives we will create an intellectually rigorous experience for participants that will better equip them for a rapidly changing world. 

During 2022-23, your support will allow us to continue to update our programs to increase the quality of student and coach involvement.  We have offered new professional development sessions for our teachers, led by nationally-recognized debate coaches. We have redesigned our on-boarding & training process for new coaches to streamline the addition of new campuses. 


These plans are designed to increase student and coach retention, to heighten the intellectual standards demanded by our programs, and to give every student a chance to succeed in debate regardless of their circumstances.

More than ever, your support will change the lives of Dallas ISD students and teachers. By giving, you empower our efforts to better equip students for a rapidly evolving future. Please join us in forging better students for a better Dallas. 

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