This year, DUDA is delivering resources to coaches through a new method: Google Classrooms! If you are a DISD coach that needs to be added to our classrooms, please reach out to These classrooms are where you can find all resources for the 2021-22 school year: core files, a new Student Workbook, games and activities, tabroom registration information, lesson plans, and more! You can still access uploaded resources from previous years below.

You can access uploaded resources via this Google Drive folder!


Notes regarding release schedule: the After-School Activity Pack is up. Student Workbook is pending final review by Dallas ISD, and will be shared immediately upon approval. 

The following resources are being offered this year: 

  • Core files - compiled evidence about this year's topic for students to use while building their speeches / at DUDA events. You can find Core Files on this year’s google classrooms! Reach out to if you need to be added, or if you’d like a copy of the core files sent directly to you.

  • After school activity pack - a year's worth of curricular materials to ensure you are teaching the skills and content that students need to navigate debate. It was designed for weekly online after-school meetings, but can easily be adjusted or expanded for a full debate class.

  • Student workbook - a companion guide to the files, debate skills, and strategy for students. This workbook aligns with the content of the core files and the pacing of the coach activity guide.

  • Updated coach manual & competition rule book - with best practices / instructions for technical aspects of coaching such as tournament registration & online recruitment.


Thank you for your patience!  

2019-2020 Resource Archive 

Coach Manual

Our coach manual - produced in consultation with Dallas ISD's Department of Student Activities - contains background information on coach expectations, policies for tournament registration & participation, evidence use, topics/resolutions, and more. 

Curriculum & Activities

Dallas Urban Debate currently partners with the National Association of Urban Debate Leagues to provide curricular resources for coaches through a pilot program known as "Teach Debate." 

Teach Debate is a compiled library of instructional resources and coaching best practices. There is a fully sequenced Novice Debate course curriculum, as well as an array of coach-submitted lessons on a variety of debate topics.


Coaches are strongly encouraged to add their own submissions to the resource library. You can also credit your submissions towards your DTR application under "contributions to profession," as you are sharing lessons to a nationally-syndicated resource for urban school districts. If interested, contact for information on how to do so. 

To access the Teach Debate Lesson Plan Library, click the link above or visit Click the link titled "Log in to Teach Debate" on the top-right corner of the page. You will be prompted to register, and once your account is approved, you will be able to access the resource library.

Resource Archive ("Coach Dropbox")

While not as neatly packaged as Teach Debate, the DUDA Coach Resource Archive is a compilation of resources offered to coaches over the past several years. 

This Dropbox folder contains electronic copies of:

  • freely sourced debate textbooks

  • full curricula donated by successful debate programs from across the country,

  • miscellaneous forms and administrative documents,

  • an array of best practices and how-to's, covering topics such as recruitment, team culture building, how to institutionalize your program by promoting it to administrators, and a "first semester of coaching" play by play checklist

You can access it by clicking the link above or visiting There is no requirement to create an account. 

There are also resources produced last year that haven't yet been integrated to the Dropbox. These can be accessed at: 


There are a variety of debate instructional videos available online. As you navigate these resources, please keep in mind that there are many philosophies about coaching and debate best practices. 

We particularly recommend checking out the resources produced by these channels: