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Intro to the value, structure, and speech times of policy debate: produced by Callie Chappell of Michigan Debate, this video aims to introduce students who are new to the activity to the basics of policy debate, focusing on perks of debate, a description of the activity, and an introduction to speech times. Note: we have linked a video that skips ahead to the description of the activity/intro to speech times section.

Intro to technology & evidence: this video introduces ways that technology is used in debate as well as the structure of evidence and how it is used in debate rounds. Note: Dallas Urban Debate restricts all divisions outside of HS Varsity to using the evidence contained in the Core Files. It also provides paper copies of files at no costs to schools or students. Debaters may use laptops if they prefer, but there is no need to do so – additionally, debaters using laptops must make their computer available immediately after their speech so the opposing team can view evidence that was read off of it.

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