The Dallas Urban Debate Alliance is committed to providing Dallas ISD students with the transformational skills found in academic debate.  From critical thinking, advanced research techniques, argument formulation, refutation, questioning strategies, to finely honed listening and oral presentation skills, we believe that debate provides students the opportunity to become informed leaders in their schools and communities and to make a difference in their ability to advocate for themselves and others. 

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In lockstep with Dallas ISD's response to COVID-19, we have made substantial modifications to ensure student safety. Watch our coaches' briefing for details.   

With input from our new Coach Advisory Council, we have published a completely redesigned set of resources for participating campuses this year. 

Your support is now more essential than ever

We depend on your contributions and your time spent volunteering to provide year-round programming for students. You are invited to join our community as our students learn to advocate for theirs! 


We have planned a unique season to account for the risks posed by COVID-19, and have ample need for committed volunteers like you. 


 If interested in learning more, please contact to hear about opportunities such as judging at tournaments and mentoring campuses. 

Calendar of Events- click here

Our programs are evolving to respond to the unique challenges posed by in-person constraints in education. 

Your support ensures that we have the resources needed to offer students continuity at school with engaging opportunities to hone their advocacy skills on contemporary topics - while keeping safety a priority.